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About services

For your convenience, we have prepared information on the types of services and activities that can be found on the Opportunities' Map. We hope that it will help you identify the most appropriate services and opportunities for your needs and interests. After reading, please visit and indicate the relevant city or district as well as the type of service appropriate in the search section "Meklēšana" located on the basic version of map. Or simply click the service group you want to see in details.

Basic needs and essentials
Other servicesShower, laundry facilities, other facilities.
BenefitsBenefits and support from local municipalities and Latvenergo.
AccomodationShelters, group homes and apartments, children and youth villages and crisis centres, boarding-houses, social housing.
FoodSoup kitchens, food packs, one-of events and, donations.
Health servicesFirst aid stations, consultations, blood pressure measurement, massage, events organised by the Ministry of Health.
Emotional and crisis support
Round-the-clock helpTwenty-four-hour help in crisis situations, crisis centres.
ConsultationsConsultations by psychologists, social workers and NGOs, free consultations regarding labour rights issues, other legal issues.
Help linesServices providing emotional support and advice.
Integration in the society
Support groupsInterest groups, group activities and classes, various support groups.
Inclusion activitiesGame groups, integrated schools/classes, sports facilities, playgrounds, swimming pools.
Promoting engagement in voluntary work for the communityGrants of LVL 100, community clean-ups , other offers.
EventsFestivals, sports events, themed events, concerts, movie viewings exhibitions, fairs, camps.
"I Can Help"Individual offers from citizens, help in household work. For example - hairdresser or dressmaker services, baby-sitting, donations - food, clothing, household appliances, etc.
Education and learning
Opportunities for entrepreneurs Training programs, courses and seminars offered by the European Social Fund.
Education opportunitiesOffers from various education programs including lifelong learning, informal education for youth and learning opportunities for other target groups.
TrainingCourses and study groups, seminars for the unemployed.
Opportunities for studyProfessional higher education using a coupon system, other opportunities.
Micro and small business support measures
Consultations for entrepreneursTraining programs, courses and seminars, support programs offered by the local municipalities, NGOs, EU.
SeminarsSeminars organized by NGOs and governmental institutions, and seminars organized in the framework of the EU.
Work and voluntary work
Voluntary work Opportunities to spend time by participating in the activities of NGOs.
Participation in projectsOpportunities to develop or engage in projects, find partners.
WorkTemporary paid employment opportunities.
Social services
Social careVarious social care services - home care, twenty-four-hour care, day care.
Social rehabilitationRehabilitation services - for victims of violence, people with disabilities, victims of human trafficking, people suffering from addiction.
Specialized transportSupport for people with disabilities.
Specialized workshopsWorkshops for visually impaired persons, persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
More opportunities
News - eventsOpportunities co-funded by the EU and cultural events. Other events of interest.
InternetFree Internet access points.